The main ingredient in Fly Ash Bricks is “Fly Ash” – Pulverized fuel ash is a by-product of coal based Thermal Power Stations. 50-60 % of Fly Ash is used in the manufacturing of Fly Ash Bricks. With increasing requirements for power companies, the production of Fly Ash is being accumulated as waste material in huge quantities near thermal power plants. The disposable of the increasing amounts of solid waste from coal-based thermal plants are becoming a serious concern to the environment due to the lack of adequate facilities. To overcome this problem the construction industry came up with the idea of formulating concrete out of Fly Ash and utilizing it for making Fly Ash Bricks. Coal is responsible for a large amount of greenhouse gas emission and pollutes the environment, while on the other hand, Fly Ash (a by-product of coal) helps curb carbon emission in the construction industry. Also, the production of Fly Ash Bricks saves agricultural land which is destroyed and unfertilized by making clay or Red Bricks. At the same time, Fly ash bricks have favorable characteristics such as high compressive strength, no emission of greenhouse gases during production, durability, and a solution to prevent environmental pollution.